Funding Secured: I'll Be Living on $18,000 for 2020

Suplexing bucks in order to save some doe. I hit a few decent wins with stock option trading at the start of the month and am an honor student in the, “Take the money and run,” school for realizing gains. This finishes up my final goal for 2019 which was to save $18,000 (which is what my total cost of living is down to for this year and going into 2020).


Another quiet advantage discovered in being debt free and banishing as many month-to-month recurring bills, subscriptions, and fees as possible is that I have a lot more headroom to take on more risk. Unfortunately, while long term stock investing is the greatest wealth building tool in the world, short term stock trading is extremely unreliable. The upside does outweigh the downside the same way it does with owning unreliable cars as long as your life has resiliency built into it. It is a lot easier to make money back then it is to make money as long as you have the time.

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*All I do is transfer anything over $30,000 from this Robinhood brokerage account and into my checking account to be counted as taxable income. I only started investing (Roth IRA) right after Christmas and got into stock trading in July. But it paid off the Jeep and got me to my year-to-year living goal in those few months.

You can increase your income through a second job, reselling goods like luxury watches, cars, food stamps, unused prescriptions, lightly used underwear, do app services, use rental properties, Patreon, YouTube or cam shows, hit the casino, lotto, or find someone that wishes to go dual income with you or at least split the bills so that you can cut your living costs down. Tons of methods out there that people use for additional income, I just found stock options to be the reselling hustle that clicks with me.


However, if you do have a strong social media following and a high rating on WikiFeet then the rate of return for selling socks will sissy kick any stock portfolio. All methods work, you just need to find the right context.

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