TIL: It's Coniferous Forest Not Carnivorous Forest

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You know those random little things that you learned but didn’t actually learn because you paid attention in installments rather than in a lump sum? For Sweden made me realize that I had carnivorous forest in my brainium rather than coniferous forest. Never questioned it because it never came up.


I just figured whenever people went missing in the woods or whenever horror movie characters ran off into the trees...

“Well, that was obviously one of them carnivorous forests that ya read about and such. Shouldn’t’ve been galavanting all up in there and the like. You’d’ve known better if you’d’ve known that, yes you’d’ve!”


I had some other fallacies such as believing that chipmunks were baby squirrels and that tire irons were for getting the wrinkles out of tires so that you get a smoother ride. These sound crazy (because they are) but I lived in a desert most of my life so didn’t care about trees, never took note of baby squirrels, and apparently I heard the term tire iron before I actually saw one.

This is why you need to be stupid in front of an audience while you’re young. You get the opportunity to change your quiet conceptions before your adulthood grows them into loud convictions.

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